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Welcome to the world of timeless elegance and artistic refinement. If you appreciate seamless beauty and a touch of natural charm in every detail, our Rosewood floating picture frames are designed just for you.


Captivating Modern Elegance: Our Rosewood floating picture frames are more than just frames; they are an embodiment of drama and contrast that perfectly complement any backdrop you envision. Whether your art hangs against a pristine white wall or graces a windowsill with picturesque views, these frames ensure your artwork commands attention while harmonizing with its surroundings.


Seamless Integration: Discover the allure of floating picture frames – a contemporary framing solution that effortlessly merges your cherished artwork with its environment. Let your walls become a textured canvas, enhancing the appeal of your artwork and directing your gaze towards the masterpiece itself.


The Perfect Presentation: Crafted to empower you, our Rosewood frames make mounting your art a breeze, delivering professional-grade results right in the comfort of your home. The ingenious design features dual glass panes delicately suspending your artwork as if in mid-air, all without causing any harm.


What Can Be Framed: Imagine displaying your cherished prints, posters, photos, pressed flowers, and linens in a manner that resonates with your refined taste and aesthetic sensibilities. Our frames provide the perfect stage for your creativity.


What You Get: With each Rosewood floating picture frame, you receive:

  • 2x Powder-free disposable gloves for a clean and safe installation.
  • 4x Small foam spacing pads for achieving the perfect presentation.


Meticulously Handcrafted: Please note that our Rosewood floating picture frames are meticulously handcrafted to order. This dedication to detail ensures that each masterpiece meets our highest standards. The crafting process takes approximately one week before these frames are ready to grace your space.


Addressing Concerns:

Shipping Times: We understand that prompt delivery is essential. While our frames are handcrafted to order, we work diligently to ensure that your frames are shipped to you as soon as possible. Our commitment to quality may add a few days to the process, but the result is a frame that's truly worth the wait.

Sizing: Our frames are available in various sizes to accommodate your unique artwork. Please refer to our sizing guide for more information on selecting the perfect fit.


Order Yours Today: Don't miss the opportunity to infuse your living spaces with sophistication and elegance. Elevate your artistry today with our Rosewood floating picture frames – where modern design meets timeless beauty. Order yours now and embark on a journey of artistic refinement.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I choose custom sizes for my frames?
A: At Minimaal en Mooi, we offer a selection of standard frame sizes to suit a variety of artworks. Additionally, we specialize in crafting custom-sized frames using a wide range of hardwood options, tailored to your specific needs. To explore our standard sizes and discuss custom options, please reach out to our team.


For guidance on selecting the perfect fit for your standard-sized artwork, refer to our comprehensive sizing guide below.


Q: Are the frames suitable for heavy or delicate artwork?
A: Our frames are designed to securely display a variety of artworks, including delicate pieces. The dual glass panes ensure stability and protection for your art.


Q: What is the return policy?
A: We are committed to your satisfaction. Please review our return policy for detailed information on returns and exchanges.


Rosewood Floating Picture Frames Sizing Guide

Selecting the perfect frame size for your cherished artwork is effortless with our Rosewood Floating Picture Frames. We've designed our frame sizes to match standard paper sizes (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0) for your convenience.


Step 1: Measure Your Artwork

Before choosing a frame size, measure your artwork's dimensions based on its paper size (e.g., A4, A3). Use a tape measure or ruler to record the following:

  • Width (W): Measure the horizontal width of your artwork from edge to edge.
  • Height (H): Measure the vertical height of your artwork from top to bottom.


Step 2: Choose the Matching Frame Size

Refer to the recommended frame size based on your artwork's dimensions:

  • If your artwork measures A4 (21 x 29.7 cm): Select our A3 Rosewood frame for a perfect fit.
  • If your artwork measures A3 (29.7 x 42 cm): Choose our A2 Rosewood frame to enhance your art's appeal.
  • If your artwork measures A2 (42 x 59.4 cm): Opt for our A1 Rosewood frame for an elegant display.
  • If your artwork measures A1 (59.4 x 84.1 cm): Our A0 Rosewood frame will provide a stunning presentation.
  • For artwork larger than A1 size (larger than 59.4 x 84.1 cm): Consider a custom or extra-large Rosewood frame for a unique showcase.


Step 3: Consider Matting (Optional)

If you plan to use matting with your frame, remember to account for it when selecting the frame size. Matting can add an elegant border to your artwork and enhance its presentation.


Step 4: Place Your Order

Once you've determined the appropriate frame size for your artwork, simply place your order. We'll meticulously craft your Rosewood Floating Picture Frame, ensuring it beautifully complements your art.


Should you have any questions or need assistance in selecting the right frame size, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team. We're here to help you showcase your artwork with the elegance it deserves.

Rosewood Floating Picture Frames

PriceFrom R350,00
  • The Minimaale en Mooi Lifetime Warranty is a refreshingly simple way to purchase with confidence. To learn more about how we stand behind our products, visit our Lifetime Warranty page to get all the information you need.

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