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Partner with us & Grow.

Partnerships only work when both parties are mutually respected and it is a beneficial relationship, thats why we build strong long-lasting business relationships with our partners.

Our number one goal is to build a mutually beneficial relationship that will sustain growth and add significant value to all parties involved.


With continued product development, marketing, and/or overall business opportunities.

We would like strategic partnerships with people and businesses in the following areas:

  • Many industry experts like, mentors & advisors take small businesses under their wings to help them grow, we are currently a small-scale business, and this kind of partnership can be extremely beneficial for us in the long run, if you feel you could add value, get in touch with us.

  • We would love to partner with more media outlets, we have found that after being in 4 different issues of magazines that media can be a very powerful source of marketing for our business, We are looking to partner with media companies and trade publications that publish relevant content in our industry and audience, helping to put our company in front of the types of companies that we want to attract as clients.

  • Distribution and sales, we are always looking to grow our retailer (reseller) list with more local businesses who will be actively selling and marketing our products, and also growing their own product offerings, with exclusive private label products.

Our partner program is aimed specifically at professionals from the following industries.

  • Interior designers 

  • Developers 

  • High-street furniture stores

  • Online retailers

  • Architects 

  • Restaurants, lodges & and hotel groups 

  • Design professionals

  • Offices spaces 

  • Wedding registries

  • Art Galleries

We believe in making our products accessible to a wide range of South Africans. 


All of our handcrafted propagation stations, art studio accessories, floating picture frames, home decor, butcher block countertops, wooden countertops, and bespoke wood furniture, are all now available in bulk and at discounted wholesale prices.


Apply today to Become a Partner and Grow. 


Our products are available nationwide at the following stores.

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Lets partner together to build & grow.


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