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Ronen Fearnhead - Owner of Minimaal en Mooi


Minimaal en Mooi is a proudly family-owned business located in the heart of Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Our specialty lies in crafting exquisite hardwood products, each one meticulously created with unwavering care and a keen eye for detail.


From sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and packaging, we strive to keep as much of our process in-house as possible.


This approach enables us to maintain exceptionally high standards of quality, ensuring that every item we produce is built to endure the test of time.

Our products come to life through the skilled hands of artisans who employ time-honored techniques in their craft.


We firmly believe that every piece we create should be a masterpiece, and we take immense pride in the artistry infused into each creation.

In addition to our existing product range, we offer custom woodworking services, providing you with the opportunity to collaborate with us on crafting unique pieces tailored to your specific needs.

Our products are designed around four fundamental principles:

  1. Handcrafted and Naturally Beautiful: We believe that our products should seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic allure. Crafted with love and care, our handcrafted pieces serve as both functional tools and pieces of art that enhance the beauty of any home.

  2. Crafted Using Locally Sourced Sustainable Materials: Sustainability is at the core of our ethos. We are committed to employing materials that are locally sourced and harvested with utmost responsibility. Our wood is carefully selected from local suppliers who adhere to ethical forestry practices.

  3. Practical, Functional, and Minimalistic: Our designs embody practicality and functionality without compromising on elegance. We champion the idea that beautiful objects should also serve a purpose, and our minimalistic designs are both timeless and versatile, seamlessly complementing any décor.

  4. Positive Impact: We believe that our products should leave a positive imprint on the world. By employing sustainable materials and practices, we endeavor to make a meaningful contribution to a greener, more sustainable planet.

As a South African company, we take immense pride in our commitment to crafting high-quality, handcrafted products that resonate with our customers' hearts.

Whether you're in search of a distinctive furniture piece or simply looking for inspiration, we encourage you to explore our website.


Our products are tailor-made for creatives, plant enthusiasts, artists, and anyone who values the fusion of form and function.

Our designs are not just objects; they're catalysts for creativity, transforming spaces into beautiful, functional sanctuaries within your home.

To ensure that our products align perfectly with your vision, we utilize cutting-edge 3D modeling in our design process. This technology allows us to customize our creations to your precise needs and preferences.

We believe that informed decisions lead to happy customers. By using 3D models, we can offer you a glimpse of how our products will enhance your living space, empowering you to make choices that truly resonate with you.

At Minimaal en Mooi, we are unwavering in our commitment to providing our customers with an exceptional experience.


We consider 3D modeling an integral part of our design process, and we are excited to continue leveraging this technology to craft functional and aesthetically pleasing products that you'll cherish.

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