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Happy Couple in a white kitchen with wood countertops

Butcher Block & Wooden Countertops
for Kitchens & Bathrooms

Minimaal en Mooi offers a large variety of custom-made, Butcher block Countertops, Wooden Countertops, Wood Islands & Wood Worksurfaces.


We are best known for our Butcher Block Countertops, which add natural warmth and beauty to any kitchen or bathroom.


They are extremely durable, stylish, and safe for food preparation.

We have 3 different styles of butcher block & wooden countertops available for kitchens & bathrooms

Edge Grain Wood Countertop Construction.jpg

Edge Grain Butcher Block Countertops

In edge grain countertop construction, the wood strips are arranged side by side , then grafted together using premium quality water-resistant glue, these strips can run the full length of the wood countertop or it can be made with varying lengths of wood (blended).


Edge grain tops, are very good for chopping and food prep, however they will show signs of knife marks and wear over time quicker than end grain tops.


The main advantage of this type of  countertop construction is that it can be made very thick and also very long when compared to face grain/wide plank countertops which are limited to the thickness of the boards used to make it.

Usually, this type of construction is the cheapest of the three options.

Walnut End Grain Wood Countertop.jpg

End Grain Butcher Block Countertops

End grain wood countertops are the most durable and also the most expensive countertops, and are made using the end pieces of the wood, this vertical orientation is what makes end grain butcher blocks so gentle on fine knives.


The most expensive and they require regular oiling, more effort to maintain properly and can look dull faster than any other type of construction.


However they don't easily show scratches and add a unique feature in the kitchen, they have a beautiful checkerboard pattern and can be made in any thickness and any length. 


The chef's choice for kitchen surfaces, as they are the easiest on your knives, they keep your knives sharper for longer and act like those self-healing cutting boards that artists use.

Mahogany Face Grain Wood Countertop .jpg

Wide Plank Countertops (Face Grain)

Face grain countertop construction is the most beautiful to look at and is not recommended for chopping or heavy use, it is made using the widest (face) part of a board, showing off the most wood grain and are the most striking of all butcher block countertops.


Not recommended for chopping or cutting, easily shows scratches and dents and the overall dimensions are also limited to the thickness of the planks used, length is not an issue, only the thickness. 


In our opinion it is the most beautiful of all the different construction types, it is also relatively affordable and takes only a little effort to maintain properly.

If you love the look of wood face grain often provides more visual interest in the kitchen.

All of our wood countertop designs include the option for a sink cutout, stove cutout, power outlet cutouts, built in pot stands, angled corner cut, matched wood backsplash, waterfall ends and a variety of edge details to choose from for the perfect kitchen or bathroom look.

Square Edge- Standard Sharp edges are only slightly rounded over. (1).jpg

Order your new Butcher block or Wooden countertop for your Kitchen or Bathroom Today

Our butcher block countertops are different, they are each made by hand, sanded, and finished perfectly not only on the top but also on the bottom even though the underside will never be visible. 


This simple feature helps the countertop resist seasonal changes, which can cause a lot of the issues commonly associated with wood countertops, like cupping or warping and even splitting when inferior glue is used.

Each Butcher block countertop & wooden countertop also comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty that guarantees your satisfaction for years to come.

Our current lead time on our butcher block countertops & wooden countertops is between 1-2 weeks, however, lead times may vary based on order volume and seasonal demand.

Wood Countertop Samples are available and can be purchased from us with your exact specifications of your countertops to visually make the choice that feels right.


To ensure you get your countertop on time, or before a special occasion, talk to us and we will do our best to make it happen.

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Everyone is different and so are their needs, we understand this, and that's why we want to get to know you.


Fill out this form below for us to gauge what your needs are and how we can help you to find the best new wood countertop for you.

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Still have a few questions?

Below are some frequently asked questions,
and answers to help you make an informed decision, and see if our butcher block or wooden countertops are the right fit for your family and home.

Whats the difference between a wood countertop & a butcher block countertop?

For us, we make the distinction between a wood countertop and a butcher block countertop by the difference in size. 


Yes a butcher block counter top is technically a wood countertop.


However a wood countertop by our definition is usually much thinner when compared to a butcher block countertop.

The distinction has to be made as it has a lot to do with how the surface will be used, and if it can handle the tasks set before it.

A wood countertop is perfect for light duty chopping and food preparation, and it is typically less than 40mm in thickness.

Whereas a butcher block is made specifically to handle the repeated blows by a cleaver wielding butcher, it is typically thicker than 40mm throughout.

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