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Minimaal en Mooi Houtwerke: Championing Sustainability Through Wood Reclamation

A pile of hardwood scraps

In the quiet corners of our woodworking studio, a transformation is taking place—one that transcends the artistry of crafting bespoke wood furniture and home decor.

Here at Minimaal en Mooi Houtwerke, we've made it our mission to not only create beautiful pieces but to also tackle a pressing environmental issue: wood scraps being discarded into landfills.

Today, we want to share our journey and invite you to join us in our mission to promote sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of the woodworking industry.

A black and white photo of Tjaart Herbst
My Grandfather Tjaart Herbst

Our Humble Beginning:

For me, the journey into the world of sustainable woodworking was inspired by the cherished memories of watching my grandfather in his workshop.

His hands, weathered by years of craftsmanship, expertly wielded offcuts of wood to create exquisite furniture, chests, and toys.

Those early experiences left an indelible mark, setting the stage for the legacy I would eventually continue.

Turning Waste Wood into Sustainable Beauty:

At Minimaal en Mooi Houtwerke, we wholeheartedly believe that the essence of woodworking lies not only in creating functional pieces but also in embracing the inherent beauty of the wood itself.

By incorporating wood offcuts directly into our designs, we've created a signature line of products that not only captivate with their craftsmanship but also exude a sense of purpose.

Every wooden masterpiece we produce is a testament to our commitment to sustainability.

Our journey led us to realize that there's no need for any wood to end up as landfill waste.

Our products proudly bear the character of the wood, each piece narrating a story of reclamation and transformation, much like the creations of my grandfather.

A Legacy of Inspiration:

My grandfather's workshop was a place of wonder, where creativity flowed as freely as sawdust.

It was there that I learned that every piece of wood, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, had the potential to become something truly remarkable.

The lessons he imparted about craftsmanship, resourcefulness, and sustainability became the foundation upon which Minimaal en Mooi Houtwerke was built.

As I embarked on my own journey, I knew I had the opportunity to put my own unique spin on things.

With my workshop, I could carry forward the legacy of using offcuts to craft beautiful bespoke furniture pieces and home decor items.

Every creation became a tribute to the lessons learned in my grandfather's workshop and a testament to the potential within discarded wood.

The Urgency of South Africa's Waste Crisis:

South Africa is facing an escalating waste crisis, and the statistics are alarming.

In 2017, the country generated a staggering 55 million tonnes of General Waste (GW), with only 11% being diverted away from landfills (SoWR, 2018).

To compound the issue, this figure is expected to exceed 75 million tons per annum in 2023, based on an annual escalation of 6% as per the 2023 Market Study of the Circular & Waste Economy of South Africa.

Wood waste accounts for the majority of organic waste generated, comprising a significant proportion of general waste managed, estimated at 21.1%.

This makes it abundantly clear that a sustainable wood solution is urgently needed.

Inspiring Change in the Industry:

Our dedication to turning waste into beauty isn't confined to our workshop.

We're determined to raise awareness about the environmental impact of discarding wood scraps and to inspire change in the industry.

Just as my grandfather inspired me, we hope to inspire others to embrace sustainable practices in woodworking and beyond.

It's a journey we can only undertake together. By reading and sharing this blog, you become an advocate for sustainability and part of a growing movement for change.

The impact of our work extends beyond beautiful creations; it encompasses a commitment to making a positive environmental difference.


The legacy of my grandfather's workshop, where offcuts found new life in his skilled hands, lives on in the heart of Minimaal en Mooi Houtwerke.

Our commitment to sustainability is a tribute to the past and a promise for the future.

Let's champion sustainability, transform the woodworking industry, and become a part of a global movement for change.

Together, we can make a difference.

Join us in our mission, and let's change the narrative of wood scraps in landfills from waste to opportunity.

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