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The Ultimate selection of propagation stations in South Africa

A propagation station is a handy bit of equipment that is used to root cuttings taken from plants in a super easy hassle free way, and ours do this in style, choose from the widest selection of propagation stations in South Africa, some of which are made from hardwood and some 3D printed.

Propagation Station Frequently Asked Questions

What is a propagation station?

A propagation station is a really clever piece of equipment used to grow new plants from cuttings. 


It is usually made up of small test tubes which are filled with water and then used to propagate (in other words grow) new plants from cuttings taken either from the leaves or stem of a parent plant, by letting them make roots in the water, basically growing them hydroponically. 


A propagation station with test tubes makes the root development process faster than using a glass or cup because the concentration of growth hormones released into the water by the plant is higher than in a larger vessel.

The plant uses these growth hormones to stimulate the growth of new roots, and in turn allows the plant to be successfully planted into soil with less recovery time, ensuring strong healthy growth.

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