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The Full Story

Custom Woodwork

We think we're pretty unique in this industry

 We take a different approach to product development, and by the time you receive the product in the mail, so much has gone into it from behind the scenes.


We don't rush a product out the door that we are not 100% proud of, instead, we work hand in hand with you till we find the right balance of minimalist design and function.

Until You, are fully satisfied with the design and final fit and finish that you want to achieve.

Our Process

Below we will dive into how we bring innovative custom wood products to you, the processes we use, and our methodology.

Beautiful warm loft bed.jpg

We start with an


(Step 1)

Every product that we design and eventually make starts by identifying one of three usual suspects, namely, a daily frustration, an idea, or a lack of a suitable alternative in the market for what we are looking for.

In most cases we can either build it from scratch, improve on the original design or make a few changes to adapt something that was made in a different material to be made out of wood.

We love wood.

If we could make everything out of wood, we wood.

It has a warmth that no other material on earth has, its comforting and helps to bring a part of nature indoors, where it does wonders for our mental health.

With all this in mind, we take the idea and..

Then we


(Step 2)

Every possible design that could become a suitable solution to the problem, identified in step 1.

We create a precise 3D model of each solution.

We dissect and inspect every detail of every solution, combining what we like about each solution, into one perfect solution.


Designed with a few fundamental rules in mind that are key to creating a Minimaal en Mooi product. 


The design must be simple, made with purpose and intent, and ultimately functional while being beautiful, while also having intuitive tactile features, that make ease of use a priority.

Double Bunk Bed (13).png
Double Bunk Bed (12).png

Then we


(Step 3)

This is where the magic starts to happen.

The beauty of having the same people who design your product, make your product is that we have an intimate knowledge of what you want, how you want it, whats possible and how to put it together.

We get creative with the production process, designing jigs and templates to create repeatable results, we improve our efficiencies and give you a better more sustainable outcome each time, making minor changes to our production processes as we go.

We thrive on getting it right first time, we take the 3D model and translate it exactly into reality, accurately up to 1mm.


Why it works

We craft each and every product by hand using the finest raw materials, using time-honoured techniques that are still being used today, combining this with 3D designs, allows us to craft designs that last a lifetime.

We strive to make better, simpler products that exceed expectations.

We believe in doing more with less, involving you throughout the consultation, design and building phases and being honest about the materials, costs and processes involved. 


Purposefully doing this so that we can build a business full of loyal raving fans, avid followers and partnerships with other businesses that also stand the test of time. 

Previous Custom Woodwork & Reviews

Below is a compilation of some of the custom work that we have done previously, we are multi-skilled and do not only work with hardwoods, we can create almost anything in any raw material, be it in steel, ceramic, glass, wood, plastic or even a combination of a few of them. 


We love to design and create.

Want Something Custom?

We would love to create something custom for you, this is what we specialize in, and if you are looking for more than one unique piece, we can replicate the product over and over again with repeatable standardized results. Affordably.

We hate waiting so why should you?

So if you are interested in making your idea, a reality we would be glad to help. 


Fill out the form below and we will get back to you faster than you might imagine.

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